Training Videos

Intro to Hoover's: A Quick Tour

Learn about general features and functionality including:
  • Site Overview
  • Prospect Lists
  • Company Research
  • Email Alerts
  • Data Management

Build a Prospect / Marketing List

Learn to gather and prioritize prospects with time savers such as:
  • Prequalified Leads
  • Direct Contact Info
  • Customized Company Search

Intro to the Administration Role

Learn how to manage accounts including:
  • User invitation and management
  • User Group Creation
  • Allocation of Key Features

First Research News & Social Features

Learn about First Research News & Social Features including:
  • Latest News
  • Setting Up Email Alerts and Triggers
  • Managing Alerts

Hoover's News & Social Features

Learn about Hoover's News & Social Features including
  • Web Volume and Noteworthy Activity
  • Latest News
  • Management Changes
  • Top Business Tweets
  • Analyst Commentary

Setting Up Alerts on Hoover's

Learn about the Alerts feature on Hoover's including:
  • Setting Up Email Alerts & Triggers
  • Managing Alerts

Company Description Segments: Strategy

Learn about the components of the Strategy segment of Hoover's Company Descriptions including:
  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Key Partners
  • Restructuring
  • New Product Launches
  • R&D Spend
  • Geographic Expansion

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