The List Summary provides a snapshot of the current list and offers several list management options, such as saved searches.

IMPORTANT: The Lead Builder export maximum is 6,000 leads per list. If the "Check Out" button is not working, adjust the list criteria to meet this maximum.

Change List Type

Change the list type to compare pricing. Click "View" to see Lead List types and data points included in each.

  1. Under "Your selected list type," do one of the following:
    • Click "edit."
    • On the drop-down menu, click the downward arrow.
  2. In the item list, click on a new selection.
    • To review the data points included with each list type, click the "View" link.
    • If a list numbers 6,000 leads or less, Hoover's updates the estimated cost using the per-lead price for the new list type selected.

View Number of Leads on a List

The number of leads matching criteria entered on Lead Builder displays under "Leads based upon your criteria." This number updates as criteria are added, deleted, or changed.

View Estimated List Cost

Use "Estimated Cost" to monitor price (calculated by the cost per lead for the list type selected multiplied by the number of leads on the list). NOTE: For estimated cost to display, the list must number 6,000 leads or less.

Review Selected Criteria

Use the "Your Selected Criteria" section to easily review all Lead Builder search criteria selections.

Save a Search

Useful for frequently run searches, "Save this search" lets you bypass the process of re-entering criteria each time the search is run. A saved search remembers all the selected search criteria, regenerates the list, and provides refreshed results with just one click.
  1. Build a list of 6,000 leads or less
  2. Under "List Summary," click "Save this search."
    • A "Save Search Criteria" window opens.
  3. Type a name for the saved search in the "Name" box.
  4. If desired, in the "Description" box, add a sentence or phrase that gives more detail about the search as a reminder.
  5. Click "Save Search Criteria."
  6. Click "Close" on the confirmation window.

Run a Saved Search

  1. Under "Your Saved Searches," click the downward arrow.
  2. In the item list, click on the name of a saved search.
  3. Hoover's reruns the search and displays the results.

Purchase a List

  1. Build a list of 6,000 leads or less.
  2. Under "List Summary," click the "Check Out" button.
  3. "Hoover's Secure Checkout" appears.
  4. Review the order and the follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

Clear All Criteria and Start Over

Use to delete all the search criteria entered on Lead Builder.

  1. Under "List Summary," click "Clear All Criteria."
  2. List Builder deletes all entered criteria.
  3. Criteria displayed under "Your Selected Criteria" are cleared.

View Lead Builder on a Single Page

Lead Builder can be viewed in two formats. Use to see Lead Builder on a single, long page.

  1. Under "Prefer all the criteria on one page?" click "Click here."
  2. Lead Builder appears with all criteria on a single page. NOTE: To return to this format, click the "Faster and More Intuitive Lead Builder v2" link.